Name Zorro Misi (CZE) 
YoB 2008
Sex horse
Colour bay
Sire Edu's Speedy (SF), 1993
Dam Zelissa (D), 1998
Damsire Furman (US), 1988
Breeder JUDr. Milan Šíma
Trainer Renata Pátková
Owner Hippospol (CZE)
Record 18,2

Career summary

Year Starts 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 0 Prize in €
2011112131311 488
2012141202181 140

Total60348810273 979

Date Course Place St. Nr. Time Start Dist. Driver Odds Prize in €
18.05.2019CH5321,5V1670Simona Linková681 750 CZK
13.04.2019CH7121,4V1670Simona Linková00 CZK

17.11.2018CH2221,2A1670Simona Linková1734 600 CZK
03.11.2018CH8223,2cV1670žk. David Durdis00 CZK
06.10.2018CH8321,1V1690žk. Martina Kronďáková00 CZK
09.06.2018CHDN3V1690Simona Linková00 CZK
28.04.2018CH8321,9V1690Simona Linková00 CZK

10.06.2017CH7123,4cV1670žk. Hubert Bagiński10000 CZK

12.11.2016CH4320,4A1670Simona Linková561 500 CZK
29.10.2016CHDN2V1670Veronika Poršová10000 CZK
20.10.2016CH5221,5A1670Simona Linková19525 CZK
20.10.2016CH6221,4A1670Simona Linková00 CZK
08.10.2016CH11222,9V1670žk. Hubert Bagiński13000 CZK
20.08.2016BRA6320,1A1640žk. Hubert Bagiński00 CZK
23.06.2016CH3+320,8A1670žk. Marie Syrová85932 500 CZK
12.05.2016CH6223,1cV1670Žaneta Vostárková00 CZK
30.04.2016CH9622,4A2180Simona Linková40000 CZK

23.05.2015CH7721,6A1670žk. Hubert Bagiński8000 CZK

28.10.2014CH3221,9A1670žk. Hubert Bagiński401484 000 CZK
28.06.2014BRADD8A1640Ondrej Komlóši15000 CZK
14.06.2014BRA5521,5A2140Ondrej Komlóši100621 680 CZK
31.05.2014BRA4221,0A1640Ondrej Komlóši50742 000 CZK
17.05.2014BRA8921,7A2140Ondrej Komlóši8000 CZK
03.05.2014BRA5921,2A1640Ondrej Komlóši70782 100 CZK

07.09.2013CH4220,7A1670Marina Volf280802 000 CZK
24.08.2013CH5122,1A2180Elena Salkovič-Volf5000 CZK
10.08.2013CH6223,1cA1670Elena Salkovič-Volf4000 CZK
28.07.2013CH3221,1A2180Elena Salkovič-Volf351203 000 CZK
15.07.2013S3319,8A1925Elena Salkovič-Volf145100
30.06.2013BM10619,6A1900Elena Salkovič-Volf11500
17.06.2013S3118,2A1925Elena Salkovič-Volf366100
30.05.2013MD6124,6A2100Elena Salkovič-Volf3560
21.05.2013Pk5719,6A2100Elena Salkovič-Volf46860
13.05.2013S4321,4A1925Elena Salkovič-Volf16360
29.04.2013S4119,9A1925Elena Salkovič-Volf68760

19.11.2012S6721,4A1925am. Alois Ortner3520
03.11.2012CH1520,0A2180Elena Salkovič-Volf603609 000 CZK
27.10.2012CH6622,4A1670Elena Salkovič-Volf4000 CZK
14.10.2012CH2622,3A2180Elena Salkovič-Volf2246011 500 CZK
03.10.2012S5619,4A1925Elena Salkovič-Volf23840
16.09.2012S2319,7A1925Elena Salkovič-Volf208160
03.09.2012S4120,3A1925am. Alois Ortner416560
12.08.2012SDN2A1925Mykola Volf0
16.07.2012S7320,8A1925Mykola Volf21210
02.07.2012S4622,9A1925Mykola Volf48760
25.06.2012S9421,1A1925Mykola Volf5510
11.06.2012S8222,2A1925Walter Herrnreiter2610
06.05.2012MD7225,0A2100Elena Salkovič-Volf23740
16.04.2012S9224,1A1925Elena Salkovič-Volf1210

12.11.2011CH4921,8A2180Elena Salkovič-Volf40802 000 CZK
29.10.2011CH5520,3A1670Elena Salkovič-Volf100561 400 CZK
15.10.2011CH3621,1A2180Elena Salkovič-Volf371203 000 CZK
01.10.2011CH5519,4A1670Elena Salkovič-Volf40561 400 CZK
24.09.2011CH1720,9A1670Elena Salkovič-Volf303609 000 CZK
10.09.2011CH3519,7A1670Elena Salkovič-Volf451203 000 CZK
07.07.2011CH1521,6A1670Elena Salkovič-Volf303609 000 CZK
18.06.2011CH7720,9A1670Mykola Volf9000 CZK
23.05.2011CH3124,4A2180Mykola Volf35962 400 CZK
14.05.2011CH2421,1A1670Mykola Volf171844 600 CZK
23.04.2011CH5323,7A1670Mykola Volf70561 400 CZK

Notes on results: DC - disqualified for galopping through the finish line, DD - disqualified for not achieving the final furlong at the same moment as the winner is crossing the finish line, DN - disqualified for excessive galopping, DT - disqualified for taking an irregular pace, S - not started, Z - unfinished race, ZC - disqualified for taking advantage of the field by taking an irregular pace, ZN - unfinished due to crash

Notes on start types: A - autostart, F - flying start, V - volt start

Notes on distance types: K - short distance (< 1999 m), M - medium distance (2000 m - 2599 m), L - long distance (> 2600 m)

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