Name Carmella Misi (CZE) 
YoB 2013
Sex mare
Colour brown
Sire Steakhouse (US), 2001
Dam Celebrity Misi (CZE), 2006
Damsire Fazimo (D), 1993
Breeder JUDr. Milan Šíma
Trainer Jaromír Kotásek
Owner JK MISI Hartmanice (CZE)
Record 15,1

Date Course Place St. Nr. Time Start Dist. Driver Odds Prize in €
17.11.2018CH1319,9V1690Ondrej Komlóši42211 250 CZK
20.10.2018BRA6418,7A1640Ondrej Komlóši00 CZK
22.09.2018BRA6317,9A1640Ondrej Komlóši00 CZK
15.09.2018SL7425,9F1700Ondrej Komlóši00 CZK
08.09.2018CH4721,2A2180Ondrej Komlóši200942 500 CZK
21.07.2018BRA4416,3A1640Ondrej Komlóši942 500 CZK
07.07.2018CH3419,6A1670Ondrej Komlóši1413 750 CZK
23.06.2018BRA4618,7A2140Ondrej Komlóši942 500 CZK
26.05.2018CH6519,4V1690Ondrej Komlóši00 CZK
12.05.2018BRA3219,9F1640Ondrej Komlóši361413 750 CZK
28.04.2018CH5417,1A1670Ondrej Komlóši661 750 CZK

11.11.2017CH7621,8F2715Veronika Poršová10000 CZK
28.10.2017BRA5219,0A2140Pavel Vávra701 890 CZK
14.10.2017CH4216,6A1670Veronika Poršová70932 500 CZK
30.09.2017BRA2418,5A2140Martin Redl2306 210 CZK
16.09.2017CH3217,8A1670Joseph Verbeeck301393 750 CZK
03.09.2017BRA6322,5A2140Dieter Marz14000 CZK
19.08.2017BRA5221,6F2140Dieter Marz1042 800 CZK
22.07.2017BRA2518,4A2140Martin Redl2306 210 CZK
08.07.2017CHDD4A1670Veronika Poršová3500 CZK
24.06.2017BRA2415,1A1640Martin Redl2306 210 CZK
27.05.2017BRA1116,9A1640Martin Redl4050013 500 CZK
13.05.2017CH5220,4cA1670Jaromír Kotásek40651 750 CZK
29.04.2017BRA521,4A2140Jaromír Kotásek782 100 CZK
15.04.2017CH3819,7A1670Jaromír Kotásek781393 750 CZK
01.04.2017BRA2520,8A2140Jaromír Kotásek2306 210 CZK

19.11.2016CH2721,6A1670Joseph Verbeeck202556 900 CZK
05.11.2016BRA2419,7A2140Jaromír Kotásek2556 900 CZK
15.10.2016BRA2420,4A1640Martin Redl2135 750 CZK
08.10.2016CH3722,0cA1670Jaromír Kotásek401393 750 CZK
24.09.2016BRA3824,8cA1640Zdeněk Vávra1674 500 CZK
03.09.2016BRA8221,6cA1640Martin Redl7800 CZK
20.08.2016BRA7221,1cA2140Jaromír Kotásek00 CZK
24.07.2016CH3419,3A1670Jaromír Kotásek331393 750 CZK
09.07.2016BRA2418,1A1640Jaromír Kotásek2135 750 CZK
25.06.2016CH4422,8cA1670Jaromír Kotásek40932 500 CZK
11.06.2016BRADN1A1640Jaromír Kotásek23501 350 CZK
28.05.2016BRA3319,0A1640Jaromír Kotásek1674 500 CZK
14.05.2016CH5+321,2A1670Jaromír Kotásek5032875 CZK
26.03.2016BRA4223,1cA1640Zdeněk Vávra932 500 CZK
17.03.2016BRAQ-24,7F1640am. Denisa Šťastná

Notes on results: DC - disqualified for galopping through the finish line, DD - disqualified for not achieving the final furlong at the same moment as the winner is crossing the finish line, DN - disqualified for excessive galopping, DT - disqualified for taking an irregular pace, S - not started, Z - unfinished race, ZC - disqualified for taking advantage of the field by taking an irregular pace, ZN - unfinished due to crash

Notes on start types: A - autostart, F - flying start, V - volt start

Notes on distance types: K - short distance (< 1999 m), M - medium distance (2000 m - 2599 m), L - long distance (> 2600 m)

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