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Date 01.09.1912
Race IV. Preis von Vencsellő
Course klusácky hipodróm, Bratislava
Start type
Place Horse St. Nr. Time Dist. Driver Odds Prize in € K.
1Csóka (AH)29,62200Albert Seager175501 500
2Hedvig (AH)0 20600
3Hofteufel (AH)08250
0Johanna L. (AH)05150
0Hausfreund (AH)000
0Imitator (AH)000
0Aschenbrödel (AH)000
DDrégely (AH)000

Notes on results: DC - disqualified for galopping through the finish line, DD - disqualified for not achieving the final furlong at the same moment as the winner is crossing the finish line, DN - disqualified for excessive galopping, DT - disqualified for taking an irregular pace, S - not started, Z - unfinished race, ZC - disqualified for taking advantage of the field by taking an irregular pace, ZN - unfinished due to crash

Notes on start types: A - autostart, F - flying start, V - volt start

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